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Study classical tradition of art

Saint-Petersburg art academy in Florence keeps traditions of the Classical Renaissance in figurative art, the academy provides drawing, painting, and restoration courses that are supported the unique programs of leading art universities of Russia, which considered as prime quality globally.
The main mission of the academy is sort of simple and simultaneously greatly deep — to show young artists. Art could be a very difficult sphere to be told and investigate, so it’s possible to perform an appropriate and efficient learning process only by supporting the academy’s main values like tolerance, ethical behavior, personalized attention for every student, the sustainability of resources. Choosing of St. Petersburg art academy in Florence because the main direction for the study will bring much development in skills and degree of data. All courses are conducted in English, so there this no roadblock. The academy provides personal growth within the carrier by expanding professional contacts network on a brand new market. Also studying in Florence academy could be a great opportunity to check art within the epicenter of the world’s art, precisely within the historical center of Florence city. The academy guarantees to get basic knowledge that’s actual for contemporary art and demanded. the educational program of the academy includes the foremost efficient parts of both traditional and modern teaching methods. The academy offers an excellent number of practical lessons to study classical tradition of art more deeply. St. Petersburg art academy in Florence offers a collaborative diploma in an exceedingly partnership with the Institute of Arts and Restoration in Saint-Petersburg in restoration, fine arts, art-science, cultural studies, and socio-cultural projects. The partnership between the academy and institute could be a great opportunity for college kids to check the culture of Italy and Russia. one in all the foremost important parts of the education of the academy is copying world widely popular masterpieces of art with the belonging study of unique techniques to develop art skills of scholars.
St. Petersburg art academy in Florence is that the best destination within the study of art, due to its unique learning program, an acceptable location within the world’s center of art, which creates a particular atmosphere to form pieces of art. Professional teachers will make the training process efficient and useful with a private focus for every student.

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