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What is retention of views You Tube

It’s no secret that the popularity of videos on You Tube depends on the number of likes, views and subscribers. To promote your channel, you need at least 2 — 3 years of continuous operation. And even that is not a fact that you will reach the desired heights. It is easier to buy part of the views, and in the future to enjoy the achieved effect.

Best seller views

The most suitable seller — what is retention of views. Here you are guaranteed a good channel promotion result on You Tube.

At the same time, prices are lower than other sellers. If you decide to increase the popularity of your channel through the authoritative remarks of a popular blogger, promotion will cost you quite a lot.

The appetite of a blogger can reach 300 thousand rubles. Agree, such a promotion of your videos will cost a pretty penny.

If you decide to just buy views and contacted the seller, he can break up to 4000 rubles for his services. In this case, the seller will not necessarily be conscientious and the views will be full. In case of an unfavorable outcome, having spent a lot of money, your channel may fall under the ban of bots.

With cooperation, you are guaranteed quality work. You can choose any package of services with the most interesting offers. Moreover, the cost for any category of services will not exceed 500 rubles.

In each package, in addition to interesting offers, you get a guaranteed 100 subscribers and likes, 1000 full views with comments. After the work done, your channel will become popular. You Tuba bots will push him to the top positions in search queries.

The advantages of the proposed service

On this site you can not only choose the most interesting promotion offers, but also get:

Fast delivery of selected services. You will see the result right away.
Ability to control the provision of services.
The ability to pay for services at the lowest price.
Saving personal time. You will be freed from constant presence on the network.
The ability to simultaneously use various types of advertising.
Agree, it’s much more convenient to hire professionals and only check the results of work than to hunch yourself. The popularity of your channel is guaranteed to increase several times. At the same time, you will spend minimal investments on its promotion.

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